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Documentation of the Human Phenotype Internationalisation Effort

The Human Phenotype Ontology Internationalization Effort (HPOIE) was established to coordinate the translation efforts surrounding the Human Phenotype Ontology. This entails:

  1. Fostering collaboration between different groups translating the same language.
  2. Standardising the representation of the translation profiles, capturing rich metadata that can be used by downstream sources to separate, for example, professional, manual translations from automated ones.
  3. Coordinating the release of language profiles in step with HPO releases.

It is our vision that eventually we can break down language barriers entirely and enable not only cross-border phenotyping (for example in national rare disease registries) but also cross-border ontology curation.

The HPO International edition is a version of the HPO that corresponds to the primary release, but includes all translated labels, definitions and synonyms as well. HPO International can be browsed in OLS:

OLS 4 Screenshot HPO Interational

The persistent URL (PURL) of the HPO International editions is

All the released language profiles can be found on GitHub, inclusion versions in RDF/OWL and TSV.