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On-boarding new Uberon curators

This document is intended as a quick checklist that existing curators can follow to ensure that new curators are provided with the informations and the access that they need in order to start working with Uberon.

  1. Invite them to the Anatomy and Cell Ontologies Slack workspace.
  2. Invite them to the OBO Community Slack workspace and point them to the #uberon channel.
  3. Add them to the meeting invites on the Monarch Calendar (FIXME: How to do that? Who is the person to contact?)
  4. Add their names to the table in the docs/ page.
  5. Invite them to the Uberon/CL curators GitHub team.
  6. Assign an ID range to each of them and add the ranges to the src/ontology/uberon-idranges.owl file.
  7. Point them to the relevant documentation, especially