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Constraint violation checks

We can define custom checks using SPARQL. SPARQL queries define bad modelling patterns (missing labels, misspelt URIs, and many more) in the ontology. If these queries return any results, then the build will fail. Custom checks are designed to be run as part of GitHub Actions Continuous Integration testing, but they can also run locally.

Steps to add a constraint violation check:

  1. Add the SPARQL query in src/sparql. The name of the file should end with -violation.sparql. Please give a name that helps to understand which violation the query wants to check.
  2. Add the name of the new file to odk configuration file src/ontology/uberon-odk.yaml:
    1. Include the name of the file (without the -violation.sparql part) to the list inside the key custom_sparql_checks that is inside robot_report key.
    2. If the robot_report or custom_sparql_checks keys are not available, please add this code block to the end of the file.

      yaml robot_report: release_reports: False fail_on: ERROR use_labels: False custom_profile: True report_on: - edit custom_sparql_checks: - name-of-the-file-check 3. Update the repository so your new SPARQL check will be included in the QC.

sh make update_repo