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A cell that is part of an anatomical entity.



{cell} {anatomical_entity}


Any {cell} that is part of a {anatomical_entity}.

Equivalent to

{cell} and (part of some {anatomical_entity})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label anatomical_entity anatomical_entity_label cell cell_label
CL:0009032 B cell of appendix UBERON:0001154 vermiform appendix CL:0000236 B cell
CL:0009045 B cell of medullary sinus of lymph node UBERON:0009744 lymph node medullary sinus CL:0000236 B cell
CL:0010007 His-Purkinje system cell UBERON:0004146 His-Purkinje system CL:0000003 native cell
CL:0002680 PP cell of intestine UBERON:0000160 intestine CL:0000696 PP cell
CL:0009015 Peyer's patch follicular dendritic cell UBERON:0001211 Peyer's patch CL:0000442 follicular dendritic cell

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