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Adding components to an ODK repo

For details on what components are, please see component section of repository file structure document.

To add custom components to an ODK repo, please follow the following steps:

1) Locate your odk yaml file and open it with your favourite text editor (src/ontology/hp-odk.yaml) 2) Search if there is already a component section to the yaml file, if not add it accordingly, adding the name of your component:

    - filename: your-component-name.owl

3) Add the component to your catalog file (src/ontology/catalog-v001.xml)

  <uri name="" uri="components/your-component-name.owl"/>

4) Add the component to the edit file (src/ontology/hp-edit.obo) for .obo formats:


for .owl formats:


5) Refresh your repo by running sh make update_repo - this should create a new file in src/ontology/components. 6) In your custom makefile (src/ontology/hp.Makefile) add a goal for your custom make file. In this example, the goal is a ROBOT template.

$(COMPONENTSDIR)/your-component-name.owl: $(SRC) ../templates/your-component-template.tsv 
    $(ROBOT) template --template ../templates/your-component-template.tsv \
  annotate --ontology-iri $(ONTBASE)/$@ --output $(COMPONENTSDIR)/your-component-name.owl

(If using a ROBOT template, do not forget to add your template tsv in src/templates/)

7) Make the file by running sh make components/your-component-name.owl