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Add custom uPheno Makefile

The custom uPheno Makefile is an extension to your normal custom Makefile (for example, hp.Makefile, mp.Makefile, etc), located in the src/ontology directory of your ODK set up.

To install it:

(1) Open your normal custom Makefile and add a line in the very end:

include pheno.Makefile

(2) Now download the custom Makefile:

and save it in your src/ontology directory.

Feel free to use, for example, wget:

cd src/ontology
wget -O pheno.Makefile

From now on you can simply run

sh make update_pheno_makefile

whenever you wish to synchronise the Makefile with the uPheno repo.

(Note: it would probably be good to add a GitHub action that does that automatically.)