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* Schindelman, Gary, et al.Worm Phenotype Ontology: integrating phenotype data within and beyond the C. elegans community.BMC bioinformatics 12.1 (2011): 32.\ *WBPhenotype in OntoBee\ *WBPhenotype in OLSVis

OWL Axiomatization

The OWL axioms for WBPhenotype are in the src/ontology/wbphenotype directory on this site.

* direct conversion of WormBase-supplied obo file\ * imports additional axioms.

The structure roughly follows that of the [MP]. The worm anatomy is used.

Editing the axioms

Currently the source is wbphenotype/wbphenotype-equivalence-axioms.obo, the OWL is generated from here. We are considering switching this around, so the OWL is edited, using Protege.