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The Outreach Programme of the Unified Phenotype Ontology (uPheno) development team


The uPheno organises an outreach call every four weeks to listen to external stakeholders describing their need for cross-species phenotype integration.


Date Lesson Notes Recordings
2024/05/17 ML-based data-driven approaches for translating data & knowledge across species. Arjun Krishnan (University of Colorado-Anschutz)
2024/04/05 uPheno Use Cases at Kevin Schaper (Monarch Initiative) Recording
2024/3/08 Computational identification of disease models through cross-species phenotype comparison Diego A. Pava, Pilar Cacheiro, Damian Smedley (IMPC) Recording
2024/02/09 Use cases for uPheno in the Alliance of Genome Resources and MGI Sue Bello (Alliance of Genome Resources, MGI) Recording

Possible topics

  • Cross-species inference in Variant and Gene Prioritisation algorithms (Exomiser).
  • Cross-species comparison of phenotypic profiles (Monarch Initiative Knowledge Graph)
  • Cross-species data in biomedical knowledge graphs (Kids First)