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Drosophila Phenotype Ontology

  1. summary Drosophila Phenotype Ontology

*The Drosophila phenotype ontologyOsumi-Sutherland et al, J Biomed Sem.

The DPO is formally a subset of FBcv, made available from

Phenotypes in FlyBase may either by assigned to FBcv (dpo) classes, or they may have a phenotype_manifest_in to FBbt (anatomy).

For integration we generate the following ontologies:

*\ *\ *\ *

(see Makefile)

This includes a phenotype class for every anatomy class - the IRI is suffixed with "PHENOTYPE". Using these ontologies, Uberon and CL phenotypes make the groupings.

We include


Which imports dpo plus auto-generated fbbt phenotypes.

The dpo-importer is included in the [MetazoanImporter]

Additional Notes

We create a local copy of fbbt that has "Drosophila " prefixed to all labels. This gives us a hierarchy:

* eye phenotype (defined using Uberon)\ * compound eye phenotype  (defined using Uberon)\ * drosophila eye phenotype (defined using FBbt)


* all CL to FBbt equiv axioms are present (we have good coverage for Uberon)